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**NEW** - 2023 Wells Fargo Investment Institute - Outlook Recession, recovery and rebound

We expect U.S. and global economies to face a moderate recession through the summer in 2023 followed by a second-half recovery capable of extending into 2024. More trade-sensitive, manufacturing-oriented economies abroad are bracing for a steeper economic slowdown from interest-rate increases and market liquidity pressure potentially more serious than in the U.S. Read More

Charitable giving strategies

Evaluating your charitable giving strategies to maximize your tax benefits is more important than ever with the continuous tax law changes. The following information discusses various charitable giving strategies and tax rules to review with your tax advisor. Read More

Tax Planning Guide for 2022

Tax planning is an important component of your overall wealth plan. This guide provides an overview of items to be aware of both now and throughout the year, steps you can take to potentially defer taxes, and options to consider in light of current market volatility and interest rates. As you read through the guide, consider the following questions: Has your tax situation changed from last year?, Do you plan to do any gifting this year?, Do you have any estate planning concerns?, Do you need to make changes to your estate plan?, Are you taking advantage of current strategies to maximize your retirement income?, The guide highlights various strategies that potentially could reduce or defer taxes. Read More